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Our Live stream food photography packaging shoot with TIM’S DAIRY​

With everything that has gone on during the last 6 months, you might be wondering how we have continued to operate and create fantastic content for some of the biggest and best brands in the U.K. During the lockdown period we had the pleasure of shooting another fantastic food shoot with Tim’s dairy. However, this shoot was different from various other food photography packaging shoots that have taken place in our studio. 

Our first live stream photography shoot

So under the government guidelines, how could we effectively complete a food photography shoot within a brief and set time-frame for completion that would leave Tim’s dairy satisfied with the results? We had to improvise. The team decided to set-up a live stream where we could share the images with the client and discuss image layout, backgrounds and other important aspects that would provide the client with what they need. 

The Set-up

To make this shoot a success we new as a team we had to provide the client with instant up-to-date imagery of the shots we were taking. So we connected a live stream and shared our screen to let them know the ongoings that were happening in the studio. When the images were taken we would send the shots straight over for our client to review. This set-up enabled us and the client to work together efficiently and provide excellent results.

A look into future shoots?​

Having had so much success and positive feedback from our first live stream photography shoot with Tim’s Dairy, we wonder if this is something that will be prominent in future photography shoots? After speaking to the team about how we believe our first live stream shoot went we finalised a list of pros and cons, see below:



Productivity increased

Convenient for our client

Time-saving for the team 



We missed the client interaction and the enjoyment of having people in our studio

Have you, or your company had to innovate due to circumstances that have occurred? if so, what changes were made? and was it successful? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Let us know (and leave food photography blog as the subject line)

What makes good food photography?

Having shot many food and drink’s product’s a question we get asked quite frequently is how do you make food photography look good? i mean surely it is how it is? How can you make a chicken breast look like a chicken breast Gordon Ramsey would be proud of?

The truth is there isn’t just one way to make food photography look great. From glycerine to water spray, background setting and creating the perfect lighting, this can all really make or break a food photography shoot. Ever wondered why your takeaway burger, or plate of food doesn’t look like the adverts? its because the images, videos and adverts are all made using specific lighting that creates the perfect looking product.

In our studio we have the biggest and best lights you can buy, soft reflectors, fantastic settings and of course the best cameras.

Food photography behind the scenes…​

Check out some behind the scenes footage with Tim’s dairy and our first live stream food photography shoot!

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