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Lifestyle photography that shows how your product or service could be used by your target audience, bringing together both creativity and functionality.

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It’s difficult to arrange all aspects of a lifestyle photography shoot, which is where our studio with multi-functioning lifestyle studio setups comes in. Uniquecapture’s skilled team of product photographers have experience in shooting a host of different products in their natural habitats. We will arrange everything for you - from professional lifestyle models to use your products in-situ, to the setting and style of the room - we can curate a whole world just for your product to live in. Our fully-working kitchen set is ideal for all aspects of drink and food photography, and our bathroom, stairs, three lounge areas, bedroom and nursery provide generous and realistic living spaces for home accessories and lifestyle businesses. We also provide beautiful scenery and curated backdrops to make products such as jewellery and other accessories look striking amongst their competitors.

Not all products need a room set. Jewellery photography and items such as cosmetics often look stunning with simple top down still life set ups. Our studio is equipped with a wide range of surfaces, materials and small props specifically designed for our experience jewellery photographers

From shooting for well recognised brands like Hoover, Dwell, Bosch, Zanussi, Jamie Oliver, and Lighting Direct, to collaborating with smaller businesses on their advertising needs, the Uniquecapture studios focus on delivering premium product lifestyle photography that spikes traffic and drives profits for our clients.

"We have seen a 50% increase in traffic to our website since using your lifestyle photos on our advertisements on social media- it's unbelievable!"

-Shari, EverWith jewellery

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Premium from the click of the button through to the editing suite.

We've photographed for big name brands like Hoover, Dwell, Bosch, Zanussi, Jamie Oliver, and Lighting Direct, and we're proud to deliver that same service to smaller businesses who want to show the heart and soul of their business and product through their photography. The Uniquecapture team work hard to deliver flawless product lifestyle photographs that encapsulate each brands' individuality into their photos, to advertise products to their maximum.

10 years of partnering with global iconic brands & creative agencies... and counting

Our studio has been trusted time and time again over the last decade by both names you’ll recognise and small businesses, who favour high-quality photography and skilled creativity.

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