Prepare Your E-commerce Photography for the Surge in Online Sales

Prepare Your E-commerce Photography for the Surge in online Sales!

Following the closure of many retail stores and brands are now preparing their e-commerce photography and fast!

Overall online traffic for retailers has increased enormously, At the end of March 2020 IMRG shows that daily traffic increased by 10-15% daily compared to February. 

Household products, electrical and personal care products are those experiencing a surge.

Contentsquare reports in the UK that sales of personal care products increasing by 53% over the week April 6th – 12th 2020.

How to Arrange a Shoot during Covid 19 Lockdown:

Our clients are located all around the world. We organise and plan many of our shoots with clients via telephone, email and video conferencing. Zoom is one of our favourites!

In terms of the process, as clients are unable to currently attend shoots. Whilst the product is shipped to us ship we can work with you to confirm a photography or video shot list.

Our team has created example briefs and briefing templates for both photography and videography. Here is where you can describe your requirements and then a member of our team can give you a call to discuss in more detail.

Our photography guide for filling in a brief has lots of useful information in helping you describe exactly what it is you’re looking for. 

E-Commerce Photography Guide:

E-commerce photography angles

E-commerce photography photography guide at 16.20.40E commerce effectsOne stop shop:

Our Milton Keynes photography studio is able to offer a one stop shop for e-commerce photography. 

Our studio hosts separate studio spaces dedicated for product packshot photography, 360 spins and lifestyle photography. 

Lifestyle sets include bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. As well as a great range of wooden backgrounds, surfaces and lots of props to match.

The studio can still accept deliveries and customers are also more than welcome to drop items off themselves. 

To book a professional photographer for your next project, get in contact with us here.