The Gym’s Are Back – Fitness Photography

The gym's are back (& so are FITNESS photography & ACTIVEWEAR shoots)

The return of the gym calls for the return of activewear and fitness photography.
Here at Unique Capture, we love shooting gym and activewear. In a recent shoot we had the pleasure of shooting with Drevvfit in the brand new Fierce gym based in Milton Keynes.
For activewear clothing to stand out, the use of different images and videos are essential.
Here at Unique Capture we offer a variety of different services. These allow you to present your fitness apparel and other clothing styles in the correct way to help you standout from your competitors.

Lifestyle photography

Fitness Photography
Our lifestyle photography service provides our clients with everything they need and more. Enabling them to capture and create the perfect content for their brand. 
Here at Unique Capture we are home to a whole host of different lifestyle settings that can bring any product to life.
Our fully working kitchen set is perfect for our food and drink clients. This is because it enables us to bring the best out of the product in its natural environment.
We are also home to a bathroom, stairs and a lounge area. These areas provide fantastic photography settings for home accessories and lifestyle businesses. 
For more information on our lifestyle photography service click here.

Ghost Mannequin Photography

Fitness Photography
Our ghost mannequin photography service can really bring your product to the fore. Normal flat/folded fitness photography images are not what consumers are searching for. This is because it doesn’t give the consumer a great perception of how the product will fit them.
Is it a baggy fit? Slim fit? clothes fit each individual differently. Which is why it is important for brands to show their customers what the product will fit like on first viewing. 
Ghost mannequin photography images are taken by fitting the garment on a mannequin and removing the mannequin post production.
This requires great skill and attention to detail. Yet, it is something our team of photographers are highly experienced in.
Here at Unique Capture we are home to a host of different mannequins. Made up of different shapes, sizes and genders that enable us to aid to all our clients needs. 
Why not learn more about our ghost mannequin service here.

Video Production​

Photography isn’t enough anymore. This is because customers seem to be much more engaged by interactive content. Which is why video has such a positive effect on increasing sales. For most companies, especially if you are selling a product.
Here at Unique Capture, not only are we blessed with the best photographers. We are also home to highly skilled videographers.
This gives us the opportunity to capture both still shot photography and video at the same time and during the same shoot.
This is one of our most requested services from our clients. As it provides them with many content assets for marketing and other campaigns.
Our video production service doesn’t just cater to the best and biggest local brands. We have worked with with some of the biggest brands in the U.K. Also, we partner with different advertising agencies and PR firms across the U.K.

The video production service we provide stands out amongst the competition. Because we can provide corporate videos, promotional videos, product videos and much more. All created and executed to your brief.
Check out our video production service and get in contact with us to discuss your ideas.
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