360 spin photography – Rotolight behind the scenes

Shooting 360 spin photography for Rotolight and their new kit!

To shoot 360 spin photography for Rotolight was great fun for us. We have been using Rotolight since they were launched!

What better way is there to showcase a product than by shooting it with itself? We used our own sets of Rotolight’s to light and shoot the samples they sent us.

What is a 360 spin?

A spin is made up of up to 36 individual photographs, and then is merged together with software. We place the product on one of our 360 turntables which is formatted to spin around up to 36 times.

There are lots of things to consider with 360 spins, especially with something that has reflective and lit surfaces. In this case, constant lighting was the best way to ensure an even light for the entire spin, without losing the contrast and details from the product.

To ensure the spin is as smooth as possible, we make sure they are completely central when shot. Otherwise if the product or subject is slightly off centre the spin will wobble and drift.

The shoot:

On the day we created two separate spins, one on a black background and one on a white for each product.

The on white spins offer the standard style of spin to be used for Ecommerce. Whilst the on back gave us a change to put a bit more atmosphere into the spin, by adding more shadows and a natural vignette. 

Behind the scenes:

Finished spins:

As always we supply spins in a forever looping GIF, an MP4 file, and the most popular format, links to controllable spins to be embedded into your website.

As you can tell, we are big fans of Rotolight and we very much look forward to the next shoot.

Click here for controllable 360 spin photography example


360 spin photography

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