Uniquecapture Photography service business as usual


Having received a number of emails this morning asking if our photography service is still in action. We wanted to keep everyone up to date and let you know that despite this difficult time, it’s business as usual at Uniquecapture.

Currently we have implemented plans so that our non customer facing staff are starting to work from home. Photographers/videographers then have the ability to work in isolated shifts in each separate studio space.


We work with clients all around the world, so naturally we are used to planning shoots via telephone, email and video conferencing. We are big fans of Zoom!

Many clients ship us their products, and whilst we wait for them to arrive we work with you to confirm a brief.

We have example briefs and templates for both photography and videography. Where our team can help you through the process of filling them in to best describe your requirements.

See below an example brief showing you the kind of details we will work with you to confirm.

photography Milton Keynes 


Due to our many in studio lifestyle sets, surfaces and props, we are able to offer a one stop shop for product imagery for e-commerce, brand marketing and online marketplaces.

We have separate studio spaces dedicated for product packshot photography, 360 spins and lifestyle photography. 

Many of our models are self-employed. So as long as we maintain a safe working distance and follow guidelines, we are still able to cater for lifestyle photos and videos. 

We can also name each image as per a specific naming convention or product SKU. All we would need is a digital spreadsheet so we can copy and paste file names across. This avoids human error which may occur when typing.

To book a professional photographer for your next project, get in contact with us here.