When A Client Wants Video As Well As Photography

We were recently set an interesting challenge to create a video for a watch company that highlighted the luminescence of watch faces. Hagley West is a leading watch manufacturer we work with regularly, and they were about to launch a new range.

As part of the overall project, we created some white background product shots for them as well as a few lifestyle images such as the one above. When some of the watches have white straps and white faces, it’s always interesting getting the lighting right, but we have a great deal of experience with product shots such as this so we’re able to do what they requested.


Hagley West wanted the video to be the star piece to share on social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram!


We have a great team of videographers at Uniquecapture (not just photographers!) so when we briefed them, they came up with ideas the client loved and set to creating the video for them. Styling, shooting and editing are all part of our video service.



Hangley West work with a lot of influencers so needed a video that would appeal to them as well as to a more general audience on social media. Along with the white background product shots on their website (you can see them in use by clicking here), the lifestyle shots will go onto social media sites such as Facebook and the video will be available for the product launch.

We’re really pleased that Hagley West came to us. Many of the product images on their website were shot by Uniquecapture and the ability to create an amazing video for the launch meant they were happy to work with us to showcase their new watches.

And this is the success of Uniquecapture. We speak the client’s commercial language and have a wide range of technical and creative skills in our very talented team. It was a pleasure to work with Hagley West again.


If you’re looking for a studio to shoot both video and photos then call us on 01908 227755 and let’s see how we can help you.