What Creative Photography Sets Do We Have At Uniquecapture Studios?

If you’re looking for a photo studio in Milton Keynes with a great range of creative photography sets, then take a look at Uniquecapture. We’re very proud of what we’ve created here.


We are centrally located in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and our studio is divided into three separate areas, each with their own unique purpose. Our working kitchen is ideal for food shoots and cooking programmes, whilst a tiled bathroom, a stylish bedroom and a flexible lounge area provide ample creative space for any type of lifestyle, product or fashion shoot. Our dedicated product photo studio enables us to control every aspect of lighting and houses an automated 360 spin station for rotatable photography.


We have recently upgraded our studio and have the following new creative photography sets available:

  • Stylish bedroom set

  • Fully tiled bathroom set

  • Fully functional kitchen set

  • Flexible lounge/diner set with stairs


The kitchen is fully working and we use this for lots of food photography or for kitchen product clients who want shots for their catalogues. The wooden island is movable and we can also place other surfaces on top to create the illusion of a different worktop. Our living room and bathroom sets are fully customisable and we have invested in new furniture and lifestyle accessories, a food styling area for dish preparation as well as well-lit dressing rooms for models and can accommodate hair and makeup professionals as well.



We love to collaborate with advertising agencies, startups, small businesses, and multinationals and you can be sure of always getting premium professional photographs that meet your exact brief. With years of marketing experience behind us, we speak your commercial language.


If you’re looking for a photo studio in Milton Keynes with a great range of creative photography sets then call us on 01908 227755 and let’s see how we can help you.