Uniquecapture Product Photography Studio Update – 

With the most recent announcements we wanted to confirm that our product photography studio is still open for business.

As all of us adapt to the current global situation, we are continuously taking measures to adhere to the governments guidelines and keep everyone as safe as possible.

We are still able to shoot product packshots and product lifestyle in the studio. By having 1 photographer on site at any one time. For all of those working from home, check out our recent post on our simple guide on how to arrange a shoot.

Below you can see a list of our product photography studio services which have not been affected.

Product Packshot Photography:

Have your product take centre stage against a white, transparent or black background.

Lifestyle Photography: 

Coloured Paper:

Using colour in images can be very powerful. Each different colour has different connotations which can affect how consumers feel. Not only this, however it can make your image stand out!

In the studio we have a magnitude of different colour paper surfaces in all sizes.


Wooden backgrounds:

We have a huge range of different wooden surfaces and backgrounds. Ranging from modern bright and airy, to dark rustic pieces.

Wooden surface lifestyle photography

Tiles, Slates & stones:

Marble, stones and slate. As with wood and coloured paper backgrounds, we have a great selection in the studio. A collection we have just recently added to with lots more rustic and painted tiles!

Marble surface lifestyle


Our fully furnished dedicated bedroom set helps household  products stand out. The set up can be moved easily onto our other sets with different walls and flooring. 

Bedding bedroom lifstyle photography PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO

Living room:

With a total of four different living room sets available to us. We can mix and swap our furniture to best suit your product. We also host a variety of household props and plants.


Our kitchen is fully working, and provides the perfect backdrop for many kitchen utensils and appliances. 

Kitchen photography studio milton keynes


Units in our modern and fully tiled bathroom are movable, and can be re organised to create the perfect bathroom backdrop for your product. 

Bathroom product lifestyle

360° Product Spins:

360 Product Spin

To arrange a product shoot please get in contact with us, and keep up to date with what were doing via our Instagram!