Product 360 Photography: The 3 Main Benefits

What is Product 360 Photography?

Product 360 photography is a powerful tool which all e-commerce businesses should be utilising. It gives the customer an immersive shopping experience. Allowing them to digitally inspect the product as if they were interacting with the item in a real shop.

Not only does this have a positive impact of the visual display of your e-commerce site. It is a great way to engage with customers.

An increase in customer engagement will help to build brand confidence and will ultimately lead to an increase of sales. We are now seeing a noticeable increase in the amount of 360 spins that we are producing for clients because of this.

Building Brand Trust:

E-commerce sales are on the rise and are becoming the norm in the way items are purchased across the world. However losing the ability to get a first hand experience of a product as you would in a retail shop can impact wether or not the customer makes a purchase online.

360 product spins can eliminate any anxiety the customer may have by giving a much better visual representation of the product.

As well as standing out from your competitors it is vital method in building brand trust. Wether you are a small or large business, implementing product 360 photography is the benchmark of an established company. This can increase customer confidence when making purchases and decisions online. 

Increasing Engagement:

Allowing the customer to control the spin with a click and drag of their mouse, or a touch of their finger, enables them to have complete control over their shopping experience.

A stat pulled from 2016 articles Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking states that,

“buyers who interact with product 360 photography are 14% more likely to purchase a product than when there are still photos alone.

Looking at engagement from a social media point of view, 360 spins can be outputted in multiple formats which can be shared across all of the main social networking sites. Offering a visual stimulating view of your product, which will ultimately lead to an increase in site traffic. 

We deliver our 360 product spins in three different formats. A forever looping GIF, an MP4 video, and most engaging – the controllable spin. The controllable spin is after one automatic spin the product is completely controllable.

Increasing Sales:

It’s no secret that customer engagement is a sure way to increase sales. In the case of 360 product spins, enhancing the overall shopping experience leads to higher conversion rates.

According to the Adobe Scene7 survey  “What Shoppers Want.”

91% of people said that the having the ability to interact with a 360 product spins, and being able to zoom on any perspective would enhance their shopping experience. 

Engaging with customers in this way will help them become more informed about your products and your brand. This will then have a positive impact on their decision when making a purchase increasing conversion rates.  

Example Product 360 Photography & Animated Gifs:

Our studio is equipped to shoot items of all sizes, from Jewellery to large 3 seater sofas!

Check some of our previous 360 product spins below, you will find one in the form of a looping Gif as well as a link to the highly engaging controllable 360 spin.

We also offer non 360 degree moving and animating Gifs, which are great for products that have multipurpose.

Visit our product 360 photography page to find out more! 🙂

360 product photography gif

        Click Here for Controllable 360 Product Spin

360 product photography moving image