Family Portrait Photography

Baby photographer

Kids grow up fast but our Professional children’s Photographers can capture studio portraits and baby photos that will last forever



Here at Uniquecapture we love photographing children no matter how shy or confident they are. Our professional portrait photographers have years of experience working with children and understand to go at the right pace to ensure that their smiles light up the whole studio. Our golden rule is always to expect the unexpected and be ready to capture it when it happens!


Of course, our beloved pets do not understand we’re trying to capture a perfect picture, nor do they understand to stay still, or keep a pose. At Uniquecapture, Milton Keynes, we welcome well behaved pets to our studio and we’re sure our photographers will capture their best side. The most important aspect of pet photography for our photographers is to capture your pet’s character and temperament in one photo. Our professional photographers also do on-site visits for zoos, petting farms and for those who have shy pets.

Contact us to discuss you photography requirements and arrange a free consultation

Contact us to discuss your photography requirements and arrange a free initial consultation


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