Amazon Product Photography

Amazon Product Photography

Stand Out From Your Competitors & Increase Your Conversion Rates

You may have heard that Amazon is expected to reach sales of $100 billion within the next two years, but you may not be aware that over 40% of the merchandise sales are attributed to third party sellers. That means that over $40billion sales is being achieved by people such as yourselves. At Uniquecapture we deliver high quality product images for many of the UK’s best known brands. However, over the last 12 months we have seen a massive increase in the demand for Amazon product photography.

It takes considerable effort for you to achieve success with a new product and we know it requires considerable amounts of time from you for marketing and optimisation of your listings. However, once your product is getting viewed the photographs are one of the the key factors in converting browsers into buyers.

We have helped many sellers new and old, large and small with their Amazon photography needs over the last few years and specialise in producing high quality product and lifestyle images that helps your product stand out from the crowd and increase you conversion rates.

We are experts at producing eye catching images but within the confines of the Amazon Photography guidelines. We charge a fixed fee per delivered image (based upon the quantity required) and have lifestyle kitchen, lounge, and contemporary room sets pre built in our Milton Keynes studio.

You can send us your products together with a brief of your requirements, or why not bring them to the studio and watch them appear on the 27” monitor as we take the shots. After the shoot the images under go post processing to remove any defects and are usually delivered within 48 hours in a format optimised and ready for upload onto Amazons portal.

If your products are a little more complicated then why not talk to us about a 30 second Amazon product video? Potential customers love to see item in action prior to making their purchasing decision. So if your product is struggling to show a return on your investment, a simple video can often help you convert better than your competitors.

Product 360 spins are another great way of increasing your conversion rate. Currently, Amazon guidelines do not allow interactive 360 spins where the user can use their mouse to move around the product, or zoom in on a particular area. However, we can video the 360 spin in action for upload onto Amazon or any social media advertising you are using to help promote your listings.

10 Reasons to Call Us About You Amazon Photography

  1. Images that meet all Amazon guidelines
  2. Premium quality Amazon Pack Shots that help turn browsers into buyers
  3. Amazon Lifestyle Photography aimed at you target market and audience
  4. Amazon Product Videos that make complicated products look simple and easy to use
  5. Video based Amazon 360 degree product spins
  6. Fixed pricing based upon volume
  7. Fast photography turn around time (usually within 48 hours)
  8. Remote service, or visit our dedicated lifestyle studio
  9. Optimised image size for immediate upload onto Amazon
  10. Warm friendly service from a small business who cares

Contact us to discuss you photography requirements and arrange a free consultation

Contact us to discuss your photography requirements and arrange a free initial consultation


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