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Change Your Perspective of Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography can offer exceptional drama and supply an expansive feel, particularly to architectural photography. For this reason, our aerial photography is ideal should you require images such as your company’s building, or vehicle fleet for marketing material or advertising.

To capture the best aerial images, in the safest way possible, we avoid the use of drones as they struggle to carry the weight of a high quality camera and can pose a danger in public. We attach our cameras to a special 10 metre telescopic carbon Photo-pole (the same as used by the Met Police and SAS for surveillance), which transfers the image directly to our screen on the ground. Giving us complete control over the shoot and providing us the ability to deliver exactly what’s required by the brief – exceptional aerial photography.

Contact us to discuss you photography requirements and arrange a free consultation

Contact us to discuss your photography requirements and arrange a free initial consultation


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