MK Photography Studio celebrates 10 year anniversary!

Our MK Photography Studio, Uniquecapture is coming up to our 10-year anniversary soon and we are so proud to have worked with so many great brands over the years. We shoot a variety of products, from clothing brands and boxing gloves to celebrity chefs and popular restaurants, we love the variety and will always stay brand loyal!

What a year we have had. We love our jobs here at Uniquecapture Studio as no two days are ever the same.

Invisible Mannequin Images 

We are highly experienced in shooting invisible mannequin clothing here at Uniquecapture Studio. It’s actually something that is not as easy as it seems! There are lots of tricks to the trade, something our photographers are experts in.

Invisible mannequin images


Popular Branded Restaurants

We had the pleasure of shooting for both Miller and Carter and Banana Tree in Milton Keynes. Both restaurants were absolutely fantastic, very accommodating and served delicious food! Perks of the job eh?

Restaurant photography studio

Restaurant photography

Shooting Furniture in Our Infinity Cove

The benefit of our MK photography studio is the ability to shoot large items in our white infinity cove. With our rolling doors it’s never been easier to shoot furniture as large as family sofa’s, cupboards and cabinets. We shoot furniture for Dwell, Ercol and more.

MK Photography Studio


Food Brands We All Love

One of our biggest highlights last year was shooting and food styling with Ken Hom for his new woks. He was an absolutely pleasure to work with and his food was delicious! With our in-house food stylist and a fully working kitchen set, we shoot so much food photography. From Jamie Oliver products, Cole and Mason, Zyliss and more, it certainly keeps us from getting hungry!

MK Photography studio

MK Photography studio food photography

All in all, we love to shoot anything and everything. We have a variety of skill sets in our MK photography studio, from photographers, retouchers, and graphic designers to videographers and video editors. All in house! Is there a project we can help you on? Visit us at and check out our work!