Looking for a Photo Studio in Milton Keynes?

We believe that Unique Capture is the leading Photo Studio in Milton Keynes. Why? Because we’ve been working with businesses in the city for over a decade, use the latest equipment and editing techniques, and have one of the best-equipped studios for miles around …

We shoot in our 2,400 square foot photo studio, equipped with a range of lifestyle sets, space for 360° spins and a dedicated packshot studio. We’re less than an hour’s drive from London, Birmingham, Cambridge, and Oxford, and are the preferred photo studio for many of the UK’s best-known brands and creative agencies.

We have years of marketing experience working with our loyal customers and we speak your commercial language. We meet your brief and will always deliver on time and budget whatever unique requests you ask of us. However challenging your project may be, we’ll always work out a way to give you the images and videos you want.


Take a look at this video for an idea of how we work:


Here are some of the great photography and video services we offer:

Packshot Photography

Packshot photography is a popular technique used by eCommerce giants including Amazon, Shopify, and Google. Your product takes centre stage, contrasting against a white or coloured background. (examples)

Headshot Photography

Headshot photography says a lot about your brand. Let our photographers capture your staff at their very best, stamping professionalism across your identity. (examples)

Product Lifestyle Photography

Product lifestyle photography demonstrates how your product or service could be used by consumers, strongly positioning your brand in the market and elevating you above competitors. (examples)

Food Photography

Whether you seek an ad campaign or magazine shoot, we capture the essence of your product with our premium drink and food photography. (examples)

Fashion Photography

With 2 changing rooms, hair and makeup stations, a 5m x 4m infinity cove, and numerous backdrops, our fashion photographer team are fully equipped for your next project. (examples)

Sports and Events Photography

Indoors or out, our event photographers thrive in fast-paced environments and come equipped with the latest Sony A9 cameras that shoot up to 20 frames per second, capturing critical moments as they happen! (examples)

360° Photography

When static images won’t do your product justice, our 360 photography service will! We capture your merchandise from every angle, allowing buyers to control a rotatable view. (examples)

Video Production

In today’s hyperactive world, video production is a medium which will engage audiences at a deeper level, allowing for greater brand understanding and return on investment. (examples)


We always go the extra mile for our clients! We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most iconic brands and creative agencies in the UK. However, we also love to work with aspiring small businesses who want to work with a pro photographer in Milton Keynes to produce the high-quality images and videos they need for their own brand.

If you’re looking for a Photo Studio in Milton Keynes, then choose Unique Capture!


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