Lifestyle Photography At Uniquecapture

We were very pleased to have a returning customer in the Uniquecapture studio recently with another lifestyle photography project. They are a leading jewellery brand in the UK and we regularly shoot the images for their catalogue which goes out to retailers and the media across the United Kingdom …

We plan the shoot with them in advance and get to know what combination of rings, necklaces, earrings, cufflinks and other accessories they want images of and in what context.

We have a range of premier sets in the studio, including a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, so this is all part of the planning stage. Our client usually organises their own models and brings them along on the day although we could book the models if they needed us to.

Because jewellery is usually quite small, the models can be styled ‘close up’ to ensure each product is shown in the best light. Working from our agreed shot list, our stylist adds the products, positions the models in the correct set, ensure it’s accessorised appropriately and we shoot each image in the agreed order, labelling the file as required. Our client can then identify which shots are for which product and position them correctly in the latest edition of their catalogue.


And that’s the reason our clients come back, time and time again!


They know they’ll always get the right planning, the right organisation and the right shots on the day. Everything runs quickly and efficiently and images are edited and returned as soon as possible. In many cases, when the customer is with us at the shoot, we can actually send off initial images to their designers as they are approved.



So, if you’re looking for lifestyle photography for editorial, catalogues and advertising then choose Uniquecapture in Milton Keynes. We have been working with brands, magazines, retailers and advertisers just like yours for over a decade and pride ourselves on the number of our customers who return to work with us, time and time again.


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