Fashion Photography Behind The Scenes – Milushka

Fashion Photography Milton Keynes – Milushka Brand Launch 

At the end of a fashion photography shoot you end up with gorgeous images, but what does it take to get there?

Having @Milushka.offical in the studio for their first ever collection shoot was an exciting day. The clothes are unique, bright and high quality. Offering contemporary elegant designs in bold prints for all occasions. 

They have a great ethos for a company and want to promote sustainable fashion that lasts. All things that make for a great atmosphere on a shoot. 

Fashion Photography Models

A key to any successful fashion shoot is sourcing great models. Models who know how to pose and can bring their own flair to the clothing.

At Uniquecapture we offer a one stop service all under one roof. We source professional models, whilst working with some of the best hair and make up artists in the UK. 

It helps to have a dedicated space for the models to get ready. Our changing room with full beauty mirror ensures our make up artist can do the best job, and the models know they look good and can feel confident in front of the camera.

It’s a full busy day and the models will constantly be rotating their looks while another is being photographed. Efficiency makes for a production fashion shoot there is always lots to get through and the team need to keep on their toes! 

Fashion Photography Milton Keynes

The Lighting

Fashion Photography can be a lot more creative than your straight up e-commerce. The lighting more dynamic the backgrounds more colourful and the vibe should evoke more emotion. We used a great vintage creamy beige to set the mood for this shoot. The bright colours of the clothing needed to stand out so the block background made the colours and the silhouette of the items really pop! 

It takes a great team, creative flair and the right equipment to make a fashion photography shoot come together.

Behind The Scenes:

Check out our behind the scenes video from the day!

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