Fashion Photography In Milton Keynes

Recently, we had the pleasure of shooting some fashion photography in Milton Keynes. Jora Collections asked us to photograph their latest clothing range for their website and social media channels. It was really great to have them at Uniquecapture Studios and work with them again.

They always bring in their own leading international models, stylists, make-up and hair team. We host them in our green room that has great lighting and mirrors so they could quickly and easily get ready.

We shoot at pace when we do fashion photography. We have a lot of shots to get through and clients such as Jora Collections bring a lot of clothing items with them! We’ve included a short behind the scenes video you may enjoy.



The nice thing about fashion shoots such as this one is that the client’s creative director is present. They pick the shots they want to use as we go along and we send them off to their creative team immediately. This is an amazingly quick turn around and we’ve sometimes seen our images appearing online within a few minutes of taking them. It is very satisfying when this happens and we enjoy working with brands in this way.

If we weren’t experienced enough to cope with the number of shots and the pace which they wanted them, then people like Jora wouldn’t come back to Uniquecapture Studios again and again. It’s a combination of the cameras, the lighting, the studio, the facilities and the expertise we have that works for fashion brands. And we speak their commercial language, so for fashion photography in Milton Keynes, we’re the logical choice.


If you’re looking for a studio to shoot fashion photography in Milton Keynes then call us on 01908 227755 and let’s see how we can help you.