Aug 17, 2022 Small business love

Small business love

We love our clients, from large household brands, through to small business local and across the country- this is a little appreciation of those small businesses!

What kind of photography have you done for small businesses?

Local or not, we love bringing your product or service to life. It is especially special with a small business, because ordinarily, we get to see the product or service that has been created by that individual for the first time, and it is also the first time they get to see it in the real word, We get to bring your creation to life for often the very first time!

We have done everything from sweets and automatic coffee-making alarm clocks, through to hand-made candles and customisable baby grows. The list is endless- if you can dream it, we;ve probably photographed it!

We have done lifestyle photography, on white cut out photography, images with models, in-situ on location photography, architectural photography, corporate photography, headshots, fashion photography, commercial photography, and event photography all for small businesses.

Studio or on-location: could you come to me?

In short, yes- we are MORE than happy to come to you. Sometimes, having the authenticity of the product or service in its surroundings is most applicable, whether that’s for logistics of the product/service, or just for keeping aligned with the brand. We’re more than happy to oblige. We can take pictures anywhere, and the professional kit comes wherever we go. All our professional cameras, studio lights, and even backdrops can be transported to wherever you might need us.

That being said, we encourage small businesses to utilise the professional studio we have on offer, as it is a real experience to do a shoot in a studio setting, and not one you get to do every day. Local or nationwide small businesses are welcome to come to either one of our two lifestyle studios.

How can professional photography help my small business?

Have professional photographs for a small business gives you that edge on your competitors at the same level as you. Having professional photographs gives the customer the impression of your business being more reliable and having a higher quality product or services than other small businesses.

The value added by having photographs that have been professionally taken has been proven time and time again by the amazing small businesses we have worked with over the years. They keep coming back for more!

What would you recommend to get my small businesses started?

If you have a product as your small business, it is normal practise to have an on-white cut out image of your product. This is so that you can show your product for purely what it is, with no distractions. This serves as a functional image so that a potential customer can see all attributes of the product as if they’d just taken it out the box.

We than also recommend lifestyle images, so that your customer can visualse the product in a real-life setting. This brings to product to life for the viewer, and gets them to start visualising their product as part of their life. This could be purely the product in a styles lifestyle setting, or with a model using the product too.

As a service, we would suggest imagery of the service being carried out- whether its behind-the-scenes photos, or being creating and doing, it should all be served with a smile, and have people acting as customers involved. We can even organise models to act if necessary.

What is the application of the images for my small business?

The usage of the images for small businesses are endless. We’re talking packaging, social media platforms, out-of-home advertisement (magazines, newspapers, posters, brochures, billboards etc), websites, menus, promotional products, business cards, signs… the list could keep on going

Some small businesses we have worked with recently, that we are very proud to have photographed a be a part of their journey:

Esarchi UK
Yumma Candy

Ghee Appétit
Ooh Baby Baby

OLY Clothing
Bāja London
Dandelion Clothing
Hagley West Watches
Imogen's Luxuries

The Green Cocoa Lab

Yum Chop

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