Jan 16, 2020 Product Lifestyle Photography In Milton Keynes

Product Lifestyle Photography In Milton Keynes

We offer a complete product lifestyle photography package. Offering a one-stop solution for lifestyle sets, models, stylists and props. Our in-house lifestyle sets attract clients from all around the UK.

Our One-Stop Solution for Product Lifestyle Photography in Milton Keynes:

Saving time and money by negating building and construction costs. Located in Milton Keynes, 35 Minutes from London by train, our photo studio is also within reach of Birmingham, Northampton, Cambridge and Oxford. Our talented team shoots everything from food photography in our fully working kitchen set, to beauty products in our modern bathroom set.

Check out some of our dedicated lifestyle sets in use below:

Bathroom Set:

Fully tiled, movable bathroom. We are able to move each piece of furniture to build the set that we desire. The set includes a modern sink, bath and toilet. Equipped with a variety of modern props often found in the bathroom.

Bathroom Lifestyle photography 2
Bathroom Lifestyle photography 5
Bathroom Lifestyle photography 4

Kitchen Set:

Our Kitchen studio is equipped with a fully working electric hob. Fridge, freezer, microwave, and two working ovens for those busy food photography shoots. We have been lucky enough to shoot kitchen products for some big-name brands like Jamie Oliver, and Ken Hom.

Kitchen Lifestyle Photography
Kitchen product lifestyle

Living Room Sets:

We have one dedicated living room set and stairs, however, we have multiple different areas in our studio where we can set up and create a living room. We have a variety of living room furniture which we are able to easily swap and move around our different sets. Including two sofas, coffee tables and a fireplace.

Product photography lifestyle - red brick wall
living room lifestyle photography

Bedroom Sets:

Our newest dedicated lifestyle set equipped with an abundance of household props.

Bedroom Studio Room set-7
Bedroom lifestyle photography

Materials and Colour background:

Our studio also hosts a huge variety of surfaces and backgrounds. Woods, metals and marble included, plus an impressive haul of different colour paper rolls for our photographers to get creative with.

If you’re looking for a photo studio in Milton Keynes to create a product lifestyle photography that stands out. Then please get in contact with us.

Product lifestyle photography 3
Coloured paper lifestyle photography

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