Apr 29, 2018 Milton Keynes Photographer Employs Stalling Tactics On Lifestyle Photography Shoot!

Milton Keynes Photographer Employs Stalling Tactics On Lifestyle Photography Shoot!

One of our local clients, Kidz Kargo wanted to add some lifestyle photography to their website. We have worked with the brand for a good number of years taking packshots and product photography in our Milton Keynes Photography Studio, but this time we needed a number of locations to show their brilliant pushchairs.

They say never work with babies and animals. For this shoot we had 3 mums, babies, toddlers and a fake dad! However, the children were amazing. It’s as the Milton Keynes security guards that caused us the most problems on the day!!

We arrived early at the hub to get some shots of the pushchairs being used by the fountains. Within minutes we had been pounced on by security saying that we could not shoot there! We do lots of commercial photography shoots in shopping centres around the country for brands such as Clintons and Quicksilver, so are used to obtaining permits, however we didn’t think we would need one for this shoot. How wrong could we have been!!. Our mistake, The Hub is not a public space and a permit is required. Luckily by the time security had explained situation to our stalling tactics team I had quickly got the shots required. Great job everyone.

We then walked up towards the shopping centre capturing lifestyle photos of the babies in their pushchairs on route. Ged, our fake dad for the day was the son of the companies owner. He had not been a model before but was certainly getting into the swing of it. I think he secretly enjoyed having 3 different wives who he could give back at the end of the day!

We were keen to get one shot in the Intu shopping centre. We knew security would be tight so we tried to cover as much equipment as possible so we could make a quick smash and grab shot of the buggy in action in the town centre……We obviously were not as covert as we though as security spotted us entering the building!! Our tactics stalling team did a great job again and we got the shots before making a quick exit.

We then moved to Willen lake. We were incredibly lucky with the weather. It was a sunny day so we used our Profoto B2 flash head with TTL to balance the sun and fill in the shadows. Normally in the our Milton Keynes Photography studio we use Phase One medium format cameras, but on location we prefer the flexibility of the Nikon D5 DSLR.

Check out our behind the scenes video below….


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