Mar 29, 2020 Increase Sales With This Amazon Photography Hack

Increase Sales With This Amazon Photography Hack

Amazon sellers.. is your main image optimised for Mobile or Desktop? It may be that you can increase sales with this super simple Amazon photography hack.

Serious Amazon sellers will want to know this simple Amazon Photography hack to increase sales

As e-commence photographers our first thought when shooting product photography is to fill the crop as much as possible, therefore making your product most eye catching and most likely to grab the customers attention.

However, our recent findings show that when browsing on the Amazon app or on a mobile device, the main image is formatted in a portrait crop.

This means that you’re beautiful square images that were intentionally designed to fill as much of the square crop as possible, appears much smaller when scrolling down on your mobile device.

This brings us to ask the question, where do you think you are converting most of your sales, desktop or mobile?

With the rise of mobile commerce, more and more people are buying and selling goods from their mobile device.

As of 2019 mobile commerce accounted for 44.7% of total e-commerce sales.

For sellers looking to increase Amazon sales the big question is, would you sell more by optimising your main image for mobile, or for desktop?

One thing that we know for sure is that we are now offering and supplying more and more clients with Amazon main images that are optimised for both mobile and desktop. Ultimately sellers can test the ability of this Amazon photography hack to see which option increases sales.

Check out a great example of this below, where we helped out our friends over at Scribble 🙂

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