Feb 15, 2019 5 Ways To Improve Your Amazon Listing And Boost Sales

5 Ways To Improve Your Amazon Listing And Boost Sales

It’s no secret that great product photography is vital in boosting your eCommerce sales. To improve your amazon listing you must visually engage with your customers and most importantly stand out from your competitors. As professional photographers we recommend the next 7 image examples as a template for the ultimate Amazon listing.

Main Image:

Without boring you with the technical Amazon guidelines that our photographers are all well versed in, the most important thing is that your main image grabs the customers attention more so than the listing above or below. The ‘Hero’ image, that fills the crop as much as possible ensuring all parts or all components of the product are well lit and clearly visible will make your product the most eye-catching.

Features & Benefits:

Each and every product will have different features and benefits, as commercial photographers it is our job to highlight and target your unique selling point (USP) in a visually engaging way. For this we recommend adding two feature images to your Amazon listing.

Dimensions & Infographic:

Information is key and there is no better way to engage with your customer than visual infographics.

One of the biggest issues that eCommerce sellers face is giving a good perspective of size, to tackle this we recommend using a hand model to give perspective and demonstrate a clear use of the product. Whilst any supporting visual dimensions and infographics will highlight your USP’s furthermore, something that our in house editors are well trained in.

Product Lifestyle:

Lifestyle photography gives the customer an opportunity to imagine your product in their lives, as well as giving a clear understanding of the intended use. Therefore we recommend at least one shot of the product in its associated lifestyle environment.

Model Lifestyle:

Continuing on with the importance of lifestyle photography, marketing to your target audience with the use of models is another vital method to improve your amazon listing. This allows the customer to imagine themselves in the shoes of the model.

Casting for the right models can be a tricky task for most photographers, however as our studio has been running for over 10 years we have built up a huge portfolio of exceptional models to work with.

To find out more about how we can improve your amazon listing please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us, and to keep up to date with our latest projects head over to our Instagram Page! 🙂

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