Dec 07, 2021 High-speed creative product photography for Gü Puds

High-speed creative product photography for Gü Puds

Explosive flavours with explosive photos. Who said social media posts should be boring? We injected a bit of action into a recent creative photoshoot with MK21, using high-speed photography skills to capture this explosive shot.

What was the brief?

Gü puds had a new product to promote, and what better way to introduce it to the market than with an explosion. We wanted to show the depth of the chocolate flavour given the name ‘double chocolate and vanilla’, and also produce a striking image that would catch a customers attention for the new release.

MK21 Gü chocolate pud creative food photography

How did we achieve the shot?

Using a flash trigger that is activated by sound, we rigged up a Gü pud and packaging on resin rods, and a piece of paper under neath to put the cocoa powder on to create the explosion. We then hit the paper to force the powder up and around the ‘floating’ pud. Our camera rigged on a top-down saloon stand then captured the high-speed shot. See our reel here on our Instagram for some behind the scenes!

What was the post production?

Most of the effect was made in real life, rather than in Photoshop- but our team of products photography editors removed the resin rods to make it appear as though the product was exploding along with the powder.

The final shot

Our client MK21, a local marketing company in Milton Keynes, approved the shot and arranged for it to be used as marketing material to promote Gü puds new product.

High-speed creative product photography

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