Prep before the shoot

Our clients had the shoot well organised and all planned out so everything ran smoothly on the day. From sourcing props to the best ingredients, having the right tools can enhance a lifestyle shoot significantly. It can make the difference between really effective images, and images that have just been thrown together. It sends a message to your viewer and can help get the message across successfully.

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London Fashion Week

The great thing about the three flavours we were shooting is that the colours coincided with the three main colours from London Fashion Week. Hence why the client thought it would be great to shoot the products with some beautiful material behind it. The images look very striking!

flat lay image
flat lay image
flat lay image
lifestyle product photography
lifestyle image

Social Media GIFs and 9-tile Grid Image

Lastly, we ended the shoot by creating a stop motion GIF that could be used on social media. Not only this but the final image would be used as a 9-tile grid image on Instagram, which we thought was a great idea. It’s really on trend for food product photography at the moment and showcases products off really well. See how it looks on the Tim’s Dairy Instagram page.

So off we went. The camera and lights were set and we were ready to build out GIF. The clients wanted it to look natural yet modern. We always tether our shoots to an iMac 27” screen so the client could see exactly what they were doing and could make any tweaks they wanted.

Take a look below to see the final GIF. Is this something that could benefit your business and attract customers? If so give us a call!

animated gif
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