Mar 06, 2020 Food Photography Milton Keynes – Good Enough To Eat!

Food Photography Milton Keynes – Good Enough To Eat!

We are going to give you an insight into food photography in our Milton Keynes studio!

Food Photography Milton Keynes – What does it take to make a great photo?

Have you ever wondered how people do all of this amazing food photography and yours ends up looking like a dodgy takeaway snap?

The secret? Styling and lighting.

You really notice the presentation when you are served a plate of food and it is even more important when capturing an image.

This can be the one thing that most people struggle with.

How do you make mash potato look pretty? Well it’s all about teamwork. Our in house photographers and food stylists team up to shoot, prepare and style the food.

Just this week we created mouth watering dishes to show off some top of the range glass Tupperware. A full days shoot covering product packshots, food styling, to lifestyle with models!

Our lifestyle kitchen studio isn’t just for show, we have a fully working kitchen, which comes in extremely useful when we need to cook and style food for food photography.There are of course many tricks that a food stylist will use to keep the food looking fresh. From glycerine to water spray and cooking the most perfect looking piece of chicken there is a lot to learn.Equally the lighting can make or break food photography. One of the reasons your gorgeous plate of food in the restaurant you’re’ in doesn’t look like you want it too, is because you are relying on the lighting from the restaurant. You will have shadows and shine in all the wrong places. In the studio we have big lights, soft boxes, reflectors and of course the best cameras to take the best image. Even your amateur home food photographers for Instagram will have extra lighting and set ups specifically for the shot.

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