Aug 07, 2020 Editorial Fashion Photography

Editorial Fashion Photography

What is editorial fashion photography? Editorial photography is a type of photography that is used for publications. Ranging from magazines, articles and newspapers. These type of photography images are usually combined with text within a magazine article. They can also allow for a certain theme to be set within the article, whether it be sports, food.

What is editorial fashion photography?

Editorial photography is a type of photography that is used for publications. Ranging from magazines, articles and newspapers.
These type of photography images are usually combined with text within a magazine article. They can also allow for a certain theme to be set within the article, whether it be sports, food or fashion. Editorial images allow the reader to connect to the subject and written text.
This is exactly how it works within the fashion industry. Editorial photography can often feature as full page photographs based on a theme.
Fashion images can also become multi-page creative stories. These stories can provide the reader with a backstory through images and can take up several pages within a magazine.

Fashion Photography studio

Unique Capture are home to some of the best fashion and editorial photographers in the UK.
We take pride in producing stylish images. Made for magazines, print advertisements, catalogues and more.
We have worked with clients from all over the U.K to deliver exceptional creative visions. We also work to understand brand positioning before we’ve even picked up our cameras.
Our professional photographers and retouchers offer the highest quality model photography. Which also includes some of the best post-production services available in the industry.

Types of Fashion photography:

flat lay clothing photography

This type of clothing photography is currently one of the top trends for many retailers. Flat lay images consist of shooting products directly from above the product. They are often styled this way because it provides a simple organised look, which is sure to catch the eye of the potential customer.

From a merchandising perspective, folding garments in an organised and symmetric fashion is a popular trait of this style. Whilst adding in accessories and props can also help you to up-sell more of your products.

Because of this we are seeing huge demand for flat lay photography and not just for clothing. This type of imagery also works great for social media marketing, web design and email banners.

Invisible ghost mannequin photography

A different type of clothing photography is the ghost mannequin effect. This method is a great way for customers to see the shape of a garment.
When potential customers are searching for clothes online they are looking to visualise how the item will look when it is being worn. Providing ghost mannequin photography can enable customers to gather an insight into the fit of the product. It will also increase the likelihood of them purchasing the product.
Ghost mannequin images are created by completely removing the mannequin from the image in post-production. But it then requires great attention to detail with a variety of tips and tricks to ensure each item hangs correctly.
When using experienced photographers and talented re-touchers, this method would offer the most consistency to your images.
As a studio we are equipped with mannequins of all ages, genders and different body builds. This also enables us to create the best style for your clothing photography.
For more information on our ghost mannequin services click here

lifestyle photography

Lifestyle photography is the process of trying to document real-life events in an artistic manner.
Capturing this style of image enables customers to see the clothing in locations it will most likely be worn or used.
Whether it be workwear or an outfit designed for a party. We can bring your product to life in the environment it belongs.
At Unique Capture we provide the option for our clients to either shoot within the studio or on location. Within the studio our fully working kitchen set is perfect for our food and drink clients.
We are also home to a bathroom, stairs and lounge area. These areas provide fantastic photography settings for home accessories and lifestyle businesses.
For more information on our lifestyle photography service click here.


Like using the ghost mannequin effect, having a model highlights the shape and fitting of the product. Because it will also show how it would fit potential customers.
Many retailers are also providing information on ecommerce sites based on the models size and body type.
This enables customers to better estimate how the product will fit them. It also increases the chances of a potential customer converting and minimises the risk of product returns.
For merchandising purposes the use of a model gives the opportunity to present the clothing with accessories and footwear.
This is a great technique to up-sell potential customers if you sell the other products used in the images. It can be seen on many multi-product retail websites usually seen as ‘shop the look’.
When promoting your brand it is best to choose a model which best represents your target audience. We work with a variety of local models and modelling agencies. Also, we have the capabilities to put a casting out for a specific model that suits the style you need.
For more information check out our catwalk video production services.

What we offer...

Here at Unique Capture we are home to a state-of-the-art photography studio.
That contains all the correct facilities to bring your images to life. We also offer a one-stop shop solution. This helps provide everything for our clients without them having to worry about sourcing elsewhere.
Check out what we offer below:
– Spacious changing rooms that allow for quick and easy changing of outfits.
– Infinity cove setting that allows for clear cut white background shots and colour adjustments to give you the correct images you desire.
– Fashion stylists that know how to make you look your best.
– The best models that can present your clothes in the best possible way to make your images stand out amongst other fashion photography.
– Hair and make-up artists providing the style required for your images.
– Large fashion rails that enable for quick and easy fitting when shooting many styles.
– Clothes steamers to make sure all your clothes are presented in their best condition.

check out some Fashion photography tips

Decide on how you want to display your products:

– Ghost Mannequin

– Model

– Flat Lay

Prepare your clothing photography equipment:

– Camera

– Lighting Equipment

– Studio Backdrop Kit

– Studio Lighting Trigger

– Tripod

– Mannequin or Model

– Photography Toolbox

Prepare your clothing products:

– Make sure your styles are consistent across different clothes

– Double-check clothes are clean

Set-up your photography studio:

– Correct lighting position

– Set-up correct backdrop

– Camera positioning

Check your camera settings:

– Aperture

– Shutter speed

– ISO sensitivity

Start taking your product photos:

– Show off the details

Edit your images:

– Add the finishing touches to your photos by editing them

clothing photography ghost mannequin -1

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