Jun 11, 2019 Clothing Photography – Which Style To Choose?

Clothing Photography – Which Style To Choose?

When it comes to clothing photography, having high quality images on your eCommerce site is vital.

Which style of clothing photography would best suit your eCommerce business?

One of the main drawbacks of selling online is that customers do not have the ability to experience a product in the same way that they would in a retail shop. Having the ability to zoom in and examine the quality of products is something which many online shoppers have now grown accustomed to.

To allow your customers to make a more informed decision when making a purchase, it is important to supply high quality images of your products. Not only can this increase the likelihood of them completing the purchase, however it can also lead to a reduction in your returns rate.

Below our team of professional photographers have outlined the three main methods of clothing photography, supported by a few recent example images that we have shot 🙂

Flat Lay Photography:

Currently on trend for many retailers, flat lay images consist of shooting products from directly above. Often styled in a minimalistic fashion against a bright coloured background, this style of imagery is sure to catch the customers eye.

From a visual merchandising point of view, folding garments in an organised and symmetric fashion is a popular trait of this style. Whilst adding in accessories and props can also help you to up-sell more of your products.

Because of this we are seeing huge demand for flat lay’s, and not just for clothing. This type of imagery works great for social media marketing, web design and email banners.

Ghost Mannequin (Also Invisible Mannequin Photography):

Unlike flat lay photography, this method is a great way for customers to see the shape of a garment and visualise how the item will look when being worn. Ghost mannequin images are created by completely removing the mannequin from the image in post production.

It requires great attention to detail with a variety of tips and tricks to ensure each item hangs correctly. When using experienced photographers and talented re touchers, this method would offer the most consistency to your images.

As a studio we are equipped with mannequins of all ages, genders and different body builds.

Model Clothing Photography:

Much like using a mannequin, having a model highlights the shape of the item and how it would fit on a person. Many retailers are also choosing to add in specific details such as model height and garment sizes, as this can give a more accurate representation of how the item will fit.

In terms of merchandising, using a model gives you the opportunity to display a complete outfit equipped with accessories and footwear. When styled correctly, this is highly beneficial to customers as they can visualise what to wear with a particular garment. As well as this, by displaying other items that you sell you can potentially increase your average transaction value.

To promote your brand and clothing it is best to choose a model which best represents your target audience. We work with a variety of local models and modelling agencies. We also have the capabilities to put out casting calls of our own for models with any specific requirements.

Not sure what style is best for you?

If you are still unsure what method of photography would best suit your brand, feel free to drop us an email or give us a call! 🙂

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