Mar 06, 2019 Clothing Lifestyle Photography All Over Milton Keynes!

Clothing Lifestyle Photography All Over Milton Keynes!

Wow. This was a fast-paced and entertaining shoot! We love shooting clothing lifestyle photography here at Uniquecapture. When we were approached by ORN International to photograph their outdoor work wear we couldn’t wait. And boy was it fun!

Clothing lifestyle Photography with Orn International

We had to adhere to tight schedules to meet the needs of everyone involved, including the client and the models. This meant that we were to visit over 10 locations within 3 days! Yes that’s right, 10. Get your energy bars ready team!

The aim of the shoot was to show how the clothes can be worn in many different situations and environments. We wanted to show customers how versatile they are and how they can be used. We had a fantastic team on board, especially our lovely models who had to endure the cold more than us!

Let the shoot begin!

Our fleet of cars would travel from location to location in procession all over Milton Keynes. We looked very important! We had our photographers, models and clients all following each other from one location to the next.

Luckily, our portable and high-quality equipment was a life saver during this shoot. We needed something that was quick to set up and easy to move around. Hence, we used our Profoto B2 Twin Head location kit. These lights were fantastic for location photography because they are battery powered and could easily be set up, repositioned, and packed away within minutes.

We used our medium format Phase One cameras for this shoot to ensure we got the highest quality imagery at the end. We were also able to tether our camera to an iPad Pro where the client can instantly see results. This is a great feature because it allows the client to direct the photographer and achieve the best outcome.

We visited unused railways, construction sites, warehouses, a school, a swimming pool and more! We were left with some amazing images and a very happy client. I think it was safe to say that once the shoot was over we all put our feet up with a cup of tea!

What came next

The next part is the sorting and editing of images! Luckily we have great systems to help us sort and edit our images efficiently. We always use Capture One Pro to shoot to. Capture One Pro allows us sort and select images easily and organise them how we please. We can also carry out a lot of the editing through Capture One, and then finish them in Photoshop. Once all done and dusted, off to the client they went!


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