Mar 11, 2022 8 reasons professional photography will help your business

8 reasons professional photography will help your business

Wondering why you should invest in some fresh photos of your product? We’ve got the answers.

1. Professional photography enforces a perception of quality around your product

When your photography is of high quality, it gives the viewer (i.e. your potential customer) the impression that the product will be of that same, high quality. If the company is successful, it must have the money to pay for professional marketing, right? It’s all about subliminal messaging. Even if your product is expensive and of high quality, your potential customer is never going to believe that if the photographs selling it are of low quality.

2. Strengthen your brand with professional photography

You know there are some brands that you can watch an advert, or see a poster and know what brand it is advertising because you even see their logo? That’s all down to the brand language, and how that is translated into an image. Photography has the power to give you a brand, just by how you style and light an image. You can be strong with your product and it’s brand relation with your customers BECAUSE of your photos. Let the photos do the talking!

3. Stand out against competitors with professional photography

So you have the same or similar product to someone. Are you going to make your logo the same? Is your USP the same? Does your website look identical? No! You’re going to want what you sell to look bigger and better than your competitors to monopolise the market. And one way of doing that is by having better imagery than them to sell and display your product. If your photographs look better, your potential customers are going to be way more drawn to purchasing yours that anyone else's.

4. Having professional photos increases your website footfall wia web searches

Having photographs on your website allows you to add keywords on underlying data to your website that will allow the images to come up on a Google image search. If your images look eye-catching, someone is more likely to click on your image, therefore discovering your website and your brand.

5. Make your product enticing

Giving your product the edge of enticement doesn;t just come from the facts. You’ve got to make your product visually enticing. People are always drawn to aesthetically pleasing things, so it makes sense for you to make your product desirable with professional photography.

6. More scope for creativity with professional photos

Professional photography doesn’t just have to be a photo of your product on a plain background light well. Introducing professionals can give you an edge of imagination to elevate your product- perhaps introducing models to interact with your product, give the product a lifestyle setting to allow your viewer to imagine themselves using the product in a similar, relatively setting- or maybe it would allow you to use bright, bold block colours to stand out from the crowd. The possibilities are limitless.

7. The applications are endless- social media, websites, traditional marketing…

Get your money’s worth with professional photography. Haven them shot for your website, but use them across social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, use them as adverts in magazines, put them on business cards and signage. Let the photos do the talking for you!

8. Why stop there? There’s video too!

Videography is becoming more and more desirable in commercial imagery, because it evokes more feeling for the potential customer. There are also far more online platforms that are video focused in recent times (TikTok, reels on Instragam), meaning the consumer is far more video driven.

Okay, you’ve convinced me. Where can I get some professional photographs and videos done?

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