Dec 03, 2019 360 Photography At Uniquecapture Studios

360 Photography At Uniquecapture Studios

360 photography is a powerful tool which many eCommerce businesses are beginning to utilise more and more. It is created by having up to 36 individual images of a product merged together to create one final spin.

What is 360 Photography?

The product is placed on one of our many turntables and spins exactly 360 degrees in intervals. As standard we supply 360 photography spins in three different formats. GIF format, which is continuously looping. MP4 – We supply a video mp4 of the spin, where we can just the speed and the amount of times the product spins. Embedded links to fully controllable 360 spins. The most utilised feature of this service, allows customers to interact and drag their mouse to make the product spin. They also have the option to zoom from here also.

See here a link to a fully controllable 360 photography spin

The benefits:

The customer gets a more immersive shopping experience. This means they can see the product from many different angles and even interact with it. A recent survey from Adobe found that 91% of people said that that ability to interact with 360 photography would enhance their shopping experience which will then have a positive effect on their buying decision. Allowing customers to have a more detailed view of your product online, eliminates anxiety the buyer may have from buying online. If more customers are happy with the products they have purchased this also helps reduce returns rates. Buyers are 14% more likely to purchase when the retailer uses 360 Photography!

360 Spins at Uniquecapture Studio

After many years of shooting 360 product spins, we have developed our technology and turntables allowing us to cater for products of all sizes. We can offer you spins for anything from jewellery to large three-seater sofas!

If you’re looking for a studio to shoot 360 photography in Milton Keynes then visit our contact us page.

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