Uniquecapture Portrait Photography: Not just a pretty face…

Uniquecapture Portrait Photography: Not just a pretty face…

For some unknown reason, the Uniquecapture Studio has recently been inundated with requests for portrait photography, not just from the public though!

Ranging from Solicitors to Psychotherapists, we’ve found an increasing number of companies seem to want Portrait Photography for staff pictures on their websites.

Which of course, is great for their customers – it puts a face to a name – but it’s also great for us too, making a nice change doing portrait photography and to have lots of lovely people in the studio.

It’s a win win for all!




Chris King is the Creative Director of Uniquecapture Ltd in Milton Keynes. In just a short time Uniquecapture has become one of the leading photography names in Buckinghamshire and today offer a full range of commercial, portrait and wedding photography services.


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