Time And Tide Waits For No Photographer

Time And Tide Waits For No Photographer

There’s no time for a lengthy and detailed post today as we have a busy day planned here in our Milton Keynes studio and a packed shooting schedule that we need to deliver upon.

The world of advertising is fast moving. In today’s digital world, marketing campaigns are conceived and deployed at what feels like light speed when compared with how we use to work over 20 years ago when I first began my career in marketing and photography.

There are actually times when we’re barely able to sleep such is the demand for our high quality commercial photography. But whereas upon first consideration this idea may sound like a pretty unhealthy way of working I seem to respond well to the pressure, because I find that I actually produce some of my best work when the clock is ticking and others run around in a frantic panic.

For example, look at these product advertising images that I captured last week.

When time is against me, I don’t fall into the trap of over thinking the shots, I just shoot. I call upon my experience and natural intuition for what works well and what doesn’t. The number of times that I’ve produced some really good work while working to tight deadlines is quite remarkable.

Don’t get me wrong, Im certainly not bragging, but it does interest me to think about how much how much of my job comes down to a natural eye for the shot, compared with technical ability.

Anyway, I decided to share these because they are among my favourites of all the commercial images I’ve produced this month. Tell what you think of them in the comments below

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