Time Out From The Studio to Explore Bucks

Time Out From The Studio to Explore Bucks

DawsonGroup Plc in Milton Keynes have been in touch again recently. Regular readers will know that we’ve supplied commercial photography to Dawson in the past.

We were called into to photograph a new custom vehicle that they’ve created by modifying an Izuzu truck. This rugged and durable vehicle which was specially commissioned by one of their clients, has been retro fitted and has undergone an extreme makeover. Gone is the generous load space you’d normally find in the standard vehicle and in it’s place Dawson have cleverly fitted all the essential equipment that is used by a farrier when shoeing horses.

commercial automotive photography

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Our images needed to showcase the massive array of kit that Dawson have packed into the seemly tardis-esque load space which amazingly even includes an LPG gas fired furnace. Up close it really is a very impressive and quite imposing machine and despite the added weight Dawson assured me that the go anywhere 4 wheel drive capability of the Izuzu is something that has not been compromised. It certainly impress this Automotive Photographer

As someone who drives something similar my self, it really was a treat to photograph in the Buckinghamshire sunshine.

Our contact at Dawson was as blown away by the high standards of our automotive photography as was I by the quality of finish achieved by the Dawson fabricators. So a gold star goes to the chaps in Dawson’s workshop. You really have out done yourself on this one.

More about DawsonGroup Plc

DawsonGroup operate within Asset Rental market sectors, actually if I tried to list all of their interests, I’d still be typing this come tomorrow morning. If you want to learn more about them take a look at their website or this video.



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