Iluminating Product Shots for Lyco Lights

Illuminating Product Shots for Lyco Lights

Often when writing these posts I begin with a disclaimer about how being a professional photographer in Milton Keynes is as varied and diverse a role as any. This week however I was presented with the flip side of this equation because we’re were asked to photograph something that all of us operate, almost every single day, but probably give little thought to.

To capture the mundane and present in an exciting and eye catching way is more a work of art than an exact science. To achieve such a result requires imagination and creativity happily, these are qualities that our Director of Photography keeps in his toolbox and drew upon when shooting the new range of high quality light fittings by Lyco.

To call them mundane is to do a disservice to Lyco because when you hold these products in your hands or get to see them up close you tell instantly that they are far from ordinary. The stunning appearance of Lyco’s designs are surpassed only by the quality of the manufacture and materials.

Never the less these products are light fittings, an item that we’re all extremely familiar and there is a degree of conventional thinking that most photographers follow when photographing such items. For example, I can’t remember having seen product photography in which light fittings had been pictured or presented upside down so the trick here is to capture the product in an interesting way that grabs one’s attention, while at the same time remaining just within the normal range of consumer expectation.

Because of our vast experience in the marketing sector and having worked for some very well know brands, we know that when it comes to product photography – and this especially applies when photographing electrical products, it is possible to: “over egg the pudding”.

You see, original is good, but there’s a fine line between unusual or interesting and the downright quirky. Consumers may spend just seconds per product when browsing in store, online or in catalogues and anything that challenges their expectations too far, can have a detrimental impact on the effectiveness of product images.

advertsining photography by Uniquecapture

The Technical Challenges When Photographing Light Emitting Products

Ideas, or perhaps the lack of them is just the first hurdle to overcome when photographing light emitting products such as these because there are also a number of technical aspects that made this shoot challenging.

When photographing any highly polished surface, the final images can suffer from “flash-bounce”. While flash-bounce can be corrected during post production editing we prefer to get shots right – in the camera. This reduces the amount of time required for editing and ultimately helps to deliver photography services efficiently and keeps the overall costs as low as possible.

Did We Get It Right?

We think the final images speak for themselves and lyco have expressed their delight in a recent message of thanks. Presented against a black background, Lyco’s products command these photographs and we look forward to seeing our work in print and online in the coming months.

And so all that remains is for us to thank Lyco for the trust they’ve shown in our photography services. We cant wait to shoot more for you in the near future.



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