Help! – The Other Lot Are Taking Over

Help! – The Other Lot Are Taking Over

There are two separate and distinct areas of our photography business which service two very different types of customers here at Uniquecapture Creative Studio.

On the one side we have private clients, to whom we offer services such as; portraiture, baby photos, pet photography & of course wedding photography but we also have a healthy clientèle for our commercial photography services.

For those who are unaware; commercial photography is often used by companies in advertising and marketing. All types of marketing from roadside bill boards to POS, or from eShops to junk mail, all tend to be full of imagery designed to appeal to our visual senses and encourage us to buy a company’s products.

It’s not just in advertising, companies can have many other uses for commercial photography, but food photography, packshots and increasingly 360 product photography makes up by far the largest chuck of this marketing sector.

In my opinion, commercial photographers can be brash & attention seeking by nature – not at all like wedding photographers, whom I view as more dependable and organised.

Actually when you think about it, it’s easy to image why a live wire would make a good commercial photographer, someone required to produce images that grab peoples attention, and why a more calm and considered personality suits wedding photography – Of course I’d never admit it to either of them.

At Uniquecapture there’s a healthy rivalry and a fair amount of ribbing that goes on between the two camps. It’s all undertaken in good spirit and sometimes very fun to watch. This week for example the commercial crew have set the cat amongst the pigeons by producing a two minute video of their busy summer.

In itself this would not have been much of wind up, but they added a prank replacing the video loop that’s displayed in the studio reception, for their own. Once this was set up the perpetrator then locked the door to AV room, ensuring that nobody could change the loop back again and then mailed the key to our studio manager.

Well I did say our commercial photographers are creative. lol



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