Fashion Shoot in Milton Keynes Studio

Fashion Shoot in Milton Keynes Studio

This week our commercial photographers have been busy photographing the latest additions to the range of gorgeous dresses available from our long standing client Jora Collections.

During what was a two-day shoot, we were asked to photograph Jora’s range of apparel, depicting the products in a catwalk/fashion show setting. The images will eventually feature on our clients eShop and in thier eCatalogues. Because of the nature of the garments – formal, evening & prom gowns we needed to take particular care to ensure we got the lighting for this shoot just right, many of the dresses are beautifully embroidered and we wanted to capture the fine details and styling that define the Jora brand.

Achieving Consistent Results in Product Photography

One of the hardest parts of successful product photography is to be able to achieve consistent results particularly in the event of a product re-shoot or if new products are added to an existing range. When this happens the challenge is to produce images under identical ambient conditions so the new images are indistinguishable from ones taken during the original shoot.

Due to our on going investment not just in the best studio cameras and lighting equipment, but also the latest high end professional software packages, we’re able to deliver outstanding consistency in our pack shots and product photography shots. Our computer controlled equipment records all the necessary technical and lighting data during a shoot so we’re able to recreate the scene weeks, months, or even years into the future.



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