Express Delivery Event Photography?

Express Delivery Event Photography?

From time to time we release our photographers from their shackles here at the Uniquecapture Studio and send them out on special assignments. It does them good to soak up some sunshine once in a while and absorb the vibrant buzzing town that is Milton Keynes. After all, we need them to be inspired, and we want them to feel appreciated.

On this last point it seem we’re not alone. Talarius, the company behind the Quicksilver [The slots entertainment brand], also like to express the gratitude they feel towards their employees by staging a grand annual conference.

This year’s event was held at the ICC in Birmingham and notwithstanding the upbeat tone to proceedings this was not just a corporate jolly. The event’s packed itinerary included important business and highlights such guest speakers, a full awards ceremony and even signing waiters.

Talarius are long standing customers of Uniquecapture, we’ve produced advertising photography for them many times but this was the first time they have asked for the services of our Corporate Events photographer.

delegates at a conference

The client explained that this year’s event was to be special – a show piece that marked an important occasion. Quicksilver had had a good year, their people had exceeded expectations and the company are on a upward trajectory.

The photography brief was detailed and specific. This assignment had to be error free and so nothing was left to chance.

We shot using dual data cards – this creates two separate copies of the photographs. It’s a good way to work when there’s only one chance to get it right and safe cards against freak occurrences such as a data card becoming corrupted. The same system is also used by our wedding photographers.

After the work in Birmingham had been done and with data card safety stowed it was back on the train and back to Milton Keynes. There was no time to enjoy the after party, our client needed the final edited images ASAP for PR use the very next day.

The final images are a visual record of a fantastic conference and an enjoyable day and we’d like to say thank you to Talarius for choosing our event photography.

Want to see more from this set? We’ve added them to our Event Photography Portfolio



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