Cheeky Commercial Photography with a smile…

Cheeky Commercial Photography with a smile…

In the Uniquecapture studio, we simply cannot get enough of our new client… Morph Costumes UK! We LOVE them!!! And frankly, who wouldn’t…
Anyone having this much fun in the studio can come again. Their Morph Suits are just FUNTASTIC! 🙂

For all you extroverts and budding superheroes out there – Morph Suits are the perfect costume for Fancy Dress parties, Stag Nights, Festivals, Saturday nights down the pub, or just lounging on the sofa because you can!

So if you have a product you need photographing, get in touch with us here at Uniquecapture Studio… the best place to get your Commercial Photography done with a smile!



Chris King is the Creative Director of Uniquecapture Ltd in Milton Keynes. In just a short time Uniquecapture has become one of the leading photography names in Buckinghamshire and today offer a full range of commercial, portrait and wedding photography services.


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