Bike enthusiasts will love our commercial photography blog this week

Bike enthusiasts will love our commercial photography blog this week

Genesis-170615-20154Returning clients Madison excitedly rode into our Milton Keynes studio this month for product pack shots their new 2016 Genesis range.

With over 30 new bikes and frames their latest range has the real ‘WOW’ factor and will appeal to bike enthusiasts of all levels. Whether it’s a mountain, urban or premium carbon racing bikes Genesis bikes will get you there, and keep you fit at the same time!

Our Buckinghamshire photographers were amazed at how difficult it would be to take bike photos with no flash bounce on the frames.  We tried every light modifier in the studio and after lots of trial and error found the right lighting solution that enabled the tyres to remain black while not blowing out the chrome work or adding white lines to the frame tubes.It was also critical that each bike was shot at exactly the same angle and with consistent lighting. Our studio technicians made an adaptable bike stand out of clear acrylic and an old Shimano pedal.  The allowed us to quickly photograph bikes of all sizes while ensuring they remained safe and upright!  The Profoto D4 lighting packs combined with our Phase One IQ250 medium format cameras did a great job delivering consistent commercial photograph

If your in the market for a new bike then check out our bike photography in their 2016 catalogue or online at



Chris King is the Creative Director of Uniquecapture Ltd in Milton Keynes. In just a short time Uniquecapture has become one of the leading photography names in Buckinghamshire and today offer a full range of commercial, portrait and wedding photography services.


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