Aerial Photography: Uniquecapture on Location, Location, Location…

Aerial Photography: Uniquecapture on Location, Location, Location…

We love getting out of the Uniquecapture studio and recently, we’ve been doing just that!

Although when on a location shoot you are often dictated by the weather; when there’s no sign of rain we are good to go, so we were out making the most of the lovely sunshine and taking some great Aerial Photography for one of our clients Brookhurst Handmade Clay Tiles. We were at the most stunning house near Hinkley in Leicestershire in February, as it had a wonderful new roof installed and the handmade clay tiles used, were supplied by our client.

It’s such a magnificent property, with wonderful stone window frames and lovely old brickwork – well, at least it looks like old brickwork! You would never actually guess the house is in fact a new-build, but so much care and attention has gone into sourcing the materials by the owners, that you would think the house had been standing for hundreds of years!

As you can see by the images, it’s a truly impressive house and is finished off perfectly by the roof tiles and using our special 10 meter telescopic pole, we are able to attach one of our cameras and take the most amazing Aerial Photography.



Chris King is the Creative Director of Uniquecapture Ltd in Milton Keynes. In just a short time Uniquecapture has become one of the leading photography names in Buckinghamshire and today offer a full range of commercial, portrait and wedding photography services.


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