Access All Areas - The Boma7 All Terrain Wheelchair

Access All Areas – The Boma7 All Terrain Wheelchair

Occasionally we’re presented with a commercial photography brief that defies conventional thinking to such an extend that it leave our product photographers scratching their heads for ideas. Such was the case when Molten Rock shared with us their vision of how they were going to market the new Boma7 range of off road, go anywhere wheelchairs.

Certainly at least in my own case, when I hear the term “off-road” what immediately springs to mind are visions of rugged high power Landrovers crawling at a snails pace over impossible terrain or fording a deep, fast moving river. Think scenes from the Camel Trophy, crossed with the luna moon buggy and you’ll be getting somewhere close. Of course this is just a my own preconception but I confess, I did not immediately connect this term with other words such as “disability” or “wheelchairs”.

Never the less we were set the challenge to make the Boma7 range look exciting and dynamic and so not with standing the juxtaposed nature of our preconceptions, we went to work.

Minimising Flashbounce in Product Photography

Our Studio technicians were once again faced with familiar issues similar to those we had to overcome when shooting for Genesis Bikes earlier this year. The Boma7 features a semi reflective metal frame, actually the quality of manufacture and fabrication is a real credit to Molten Roack but while making the product desirable to own at the same time it makes it difficult to photograph well. That because reflective surfaces can produce flash bounce when photographed under our high intensity studio lighting.

We think we’ve nailed it and so did our clients who were overjoyed with the final product images.

If you’re looking to go outdoors and be adventurous this autumn then why not check out the Boma7 for yourself on Molten Rock’s website:

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